Be Inspired…Great Reasons To Have a Log Cabin

She Sheds - a man cave for ladies

First, there were actual caves. Then came man caves. Then busy women needed their own quiet reprieve from the world, and so the backyard haven known as the “she shed” came to be.

We have rounded up our favourite buildings that deserve to be she sheds. Click on the image a see the range.


Man Caves - Where men are masters of their own domain

The draughty shed was the one space where men could hide and relax, a male sanctuary. Nowadays the modern man doesn't have to contend with spiders or mice: Cotswold Garden Spaces have pulled together a grand collection of spaces that proudly fit the title of "Man Cave" for the new millennium. Whether it's a space to work, chill, play pool, enjoy a movie or even recreate the local pub, we have a fabulous building that suites.

Click on the image a see the range.


Shed-quarters - Your own home office

The dream of working from home is a popular one. The reality can be that work and home life becomes one, particularly if you are using a room in the house. What could be better then than having a working space away from the home that you can close the door on and come back into your home 30 seconds later? Your own shed-quarters of course.

We have pulled together a great collection of buildings that provide a warm and dry place to work all year round, and looks great to boot too. Click on the image a see the range.

Alfresco Dining - enjoy entertaining all times of the year

The typical British way of outside eating is on the hottest day of the year, blackened sausages and then rain. Not any more, we have pull together our favourite  collection of buildings that for the perfect party. Increase your comfort by adding a fire pit or a log burner. Click on the image a see the range.