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Garden Space Of The Week – The Lugarde Otto Provides A Cosy Autumn Entertainment Centre

Summertime is over but with the Lugarde Otto it means that you can continue to enjoy it.

The Lugarde Otto Summerhouse (PR29)
The Lugarde Otto Summerhouse is the perfect garden entertainment centre.

The Lugarde Otto is a large gazebo space that provides protection from the wind on three sides whilst giving a good-sized storage space for cushions, a BBQ and other items.

Whether you use it for cooking and dining or placing a hot tub under it, the Otto will do you proud. With its 2.5m height it meets current planning requirements (the hight cannot be more than 2.5m high if your building is within 2m of your neighbours boundary) and provides a contemporary look with a solid feel.

The enclosed space can also benefit from opaque glass to provide privacy if guests are using it for a changing room and we can also add/ change/ modify the door/ windows etc to really create the perfect space for you.

The roof is a single piece rubber EPDM with a discrete downpipe to remove the rain water. The log walls are a substantial 28mm thick construction and can be modified to take a window or door to provide views or additional access.

The Lugarde Otto can be delivered for only £4970 (inc VAT & Delivery) and can be ordered HERE.

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Garden Space Of The Week – The Lugarde Arthur Is The Home Office You Need

Do you do “Garden offices/ a spare bedroom/ hobby rooms” is the first question that we hear regularly for our buildings. The next question is “What size do I need” and finally, “What specification do I need?”. The Lugarde Arthur answers all of those questions.

The Arthur is great size to have a full sized desk and a sofa bed (for working from), or a double bed and a sofa (for guests). The size is 3.5m wide (12′) by 3m deep (10′) and being a flat roof it doesn’t exceed the 2.5m permitted development height for most gardens (if the building is within 2m of your neighbour).

The standard specification is 44mm thick solid log walls and double glazed double doors and vented windows. Add insulation in the roof and floor and you have a serious extra room. Don’t like the window and door styles? No problem, we can change them. Want extra windows and doors, or want to reposition them? No problem we can custom design you your space. Want it bigger or smaller? No problem.

Our very own work office is the Arthur and we’ve added a log stove, a relaxing chair and a huge desk in ours. If you would like the Arthur then CLICK HERE to order one or CONTACT US to discuss your specific requirements.

The large office space allows us to use a full sized desk and many other items of furniture.
Our work office is the Lugarde Arthur that we’ve put a lovely wood burning stove for the winter
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Garden Space Of The Week – The Lugarde Titus Means Summer Isn’t Over Yet

September is here and that means unpredictable weather, cooler evenings and enjoying your garden is no more. Well, we have a solution that means those parties can continue for a while longer yet.

Let us introduce the Lugarde Titus, an incredibly handsome gazebo that not only gives you a striking architectural aesthetic, it gives you a large covered area to seat guests, operate the BBQ and even place a hot tub.

The Titus is 12′ x 12′ and has a wonderful pyramid roof finished in long-lasting shingles (5 colours available). The posts that support this structure provide a strong vertical line, finished with substantial corner bracing to complete the strength and authority. You can even add decorative boots to the legs to further enhance its impact.

With the timber components painted is a suitable colour (we recommend Little Greene’s Intelligent exterior Eggshell finishes), the Titus becomes a real centrepiece to your garden and entertainment.

All of our buildings can have wither a flat or pitched roof.

To review and order the Titus, click HERE

Want something smaller? Then we recommend the Lugarde Milo which you can review HERE.

Want something slightly bigger? We have the Lugarde Erik  Review it HERE.

The Lugarde Titus gazebo is a strong and striking building and with a floorspace of nearly 13 m², this gazebo offers plenty of space for long summer evenings with friends, or for a quiet and romantic evening, just the two of you.

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Garden Space Of The Week – Want A Home Office But Have A Small Garden – No Problem!

Modern homes tend to have smaller gardens and subsequently we regularly hear clients saying “I’d love one of these cabins BUT I’ve a tiny garden.” Fret no more for we have a great home office for the tiny garden, the Gilbert by Lugarde.

The Gilbert is a thoughtful design for working from home, being 1.8m deep by 3.0m wide (6′ x 10′) and being only 2.5m high, meets the planning requirements for beings within 2m of your neighbours boundary; a main issue in small gardens.

It has a modern and clean look and sets the right tone forgetting in the right mood for working from home. 

The building comes with double-glazing as standard and incorporates a double door, great for ventilation and getting an office desk in and out. There are two additional, almost full length fixed windows with adjustable air greats for lots of light.

This building has proven very popular with a new example being installed in the next 3 weeks to a client who wants to free up some space within the home. They have a thin but long 1940’s garden and this sits ideally at the rear of the garden to provide a visual interest from the home. The 2.5m hight was also a decider as it was within 2m of his neighbour.

To review and order the Gilbert, click HERE.

Want something smaller? Then we recommend the Lugarde Napoleon which you can review HERE.

Want something slightly bigger? We have the Lugarde Arthur which we use for our very own display site office. Review it HERE.

The Lugarde Gilbert Summerhouse (PR2)
The Lugarde Gilbert Summerhouse is a contemporary and attractive addition to any garden.

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Garden Space Of the Week – BBQ’s Just Got Better With The Lugarde Remington

Double your season for eating alfresco by creating a lovely space that protects you from the hot sun, rain and cold wind. Europeans get the “eating outside” by protecting you from the elements, and now the UK can too. Welcome to the Lugarde Remington gazebo.

protection from the British weather, hot or cold, has always been hit or miss affair. We will either use a garden umbrella that stands precariously in even the mildest breeze or a covered timber frame is constructed, typically too small but for the smallest table and chairs. Cotswold Garden Spaces can now provide an architectural solution that not only looks great but performs splendidly.

The Lugarde Remington is a good-sized canopy (Size: 3.50m (W) x 4.87m (D) x 3.31m (H)) with a classic apex roof finished in beautiful shingles for decades of use. The solid roof is complimented with full height log walls that spans across the rear, the side and a small return, providing a relief from a cold breeze or driving rain. And it is only £3,023 (inc VAT) delivered nationwide to your door. incredible value.

The building also provides great customisation ideas. Paint the beautifully prepared logs and frame in a lovely heritage colour from Little Green or go old school with a classic woodsman (as shown). The log apex of the roof allows a lovely outdoor clock to be fixed and the roof lends itself to attractive guttering that could lead to a water butt. Inside, the walls are prefect for adding shelving and other interior design ideas. The floor space will easily take large tables and chairs and even a brick BBQ or fire pit with a flue that can be fitted through the roof for a real “wow” factor. Got a hot tub, this is perfect for even the largest tub and has an area to change behind too.

We can even offer a Siberian larch decked floor for a lovely finish and nice tactile feel underfoot.

To view and order the Remington, click HERE.

The Lugarde Remington gazebo is a great mixture of alfresco eating and sanctuary. Walls wrap around the building on two sides and then a 1.5m return to create a cosy space away from the wind, and provides a wonderful area to eat, drink and be merry.

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Garden Space Of The Week – When A Shed Is More Than A Shed

The typical British garden shed is what it is: a functional, cheaply looking storage space, usually finished in Donald Trump orange. Architecturally it is pretty uninspiring and whilst it can be ‘dressed’ up it falls flat on many levels. Well not any more…let us introduce our Stellan garden store from Lugarde.

Storage space is essential in a modern garden, to hold tools, the mower and other bits and pieces that we collect along the way. The stock solution to storing and hiding all of this is a classic garden shed. An orange box that sits unloved and purposeful in the garden. We almost seem resigned to accept that a garden has to have one of these. 

We at Cotswold Garden Spaces disagree and so we are proud to offer a stunning alternative to the typical storage answer, Lugarde’s Stellan. Designed to fit in a corner, offering a solidly made glazed door and topped with a striking pyramid roof finished in a choice of five coloured shingle options, storage has never looked so impressive.

The Stellan is 1.8m x 1.8 (6′ x 6′), comes with an optional 19mm T&G floor and the 28mm log walls are perfect for taking your choice of paint or stain to really complement your garden. Including the floor, shingled roof, all fixings, VAT & delivery, all of this can be yours for an incredible £1,855.00

Buy it HERE.

The Lugarde Luca Summerhouse (P561)
The Lugarde Stellan summer house makes a handsome corner storage building.

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Garden Space Of The Week – Lugarde’s Orson is that little retreat you’ve always wanted

Our happiness can be affected by not being able to escape from daily stress. Creating your own escape with a simple addition of a summer house.

Many of us have dreamed of being able to sleep away a few hours, isolated from a busy household, the phone and other distractions. What you may not know is how easy it can be to create this space in your garden. Our petite and elegant Orson summer house from Lugarde is only 8′ x 8′ (2.4m x 2.4m) yet can incorporate a comfy day bed and other furniture to allow you close the door on daily worries. the design is such that it sits in a corner (5-sided) and provides lots of light, a beautiful pyramid roof and little design touches such as Georgian windows and doors, double glazing, and even a steel roof finial to complete the look.

At only £3045 delivered (including VAT and the optional floor), the Orson simply makes life that little bit better. Our example below is finished in Little Green’s White Lead & Sage Green and finished inside with a lime wash.

To view and order the Orson, click HERE.

The Lugarde Orson summer house is an elegant and useful space too add to any garden.

The Lugarde Orson summer house whilst only 8′ x 8′ is perfect for adding a day bed to get away from life’s troubles.

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Garden Space Of The Week – Our Olive Log Cabin Is That Spare Room You’ve Always Needed

Many of us imagine having just that little extra space to use for a hobby room, putting up guests or simply getting away from it all. Realistically, the cost of adding an extension or building into the roof space and end up being many tens of thousands of pounds. For a fraction of that price you can have your very own log cabin. 

Enlarging your home can be an expensive and disruptive experience if all you want is a warm, dry, cosy extra space. A log cabins is an incredibly cost effective solution in providing this room. There are only a few things to consider such as where the building is going (there are straight forward planning rules determining height and size that need to be met and can be read HERE), how big you want the space, how you want to use the space.

Once those details are decided then it’s a simple case of deciding on the base and whether you want to build it or get a professional to put it up. It’s really that simple and our example of a great choice for a spare room is our CGS Olive log cabin.

The cabin is 5.5m (w) x 3.5m (d) x 2.6m (h) with a visually appealing inset porch to provide shelter from the weather when coming from the house. Options include insulation in the roof and floor and the roof comes in a choice of 5 colours and provides ample space for an office, therapy room, spare bedroom or den. At less than £6k delivered (inc VAT) and typically taking only 2 days to build, this is a popular choice to give you that space you need.

Lugarde Olive Log Cabin - Side View Left
The Olive Log Cabin is makes a great spare bedroom or home office.

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Garden Space Of The Week – Lugarde’s Grand Lady is a space of beauty & elegance

Useful garden spaces doesn’t have to look functional. Combining stunning looks with double-glazed windows in a 44mm thick log wall, the Grand Lady is a great home office without looking like a home office.

The typical home garden landscape is changing: modern gardens are getting smaller, clients are wanting contemporary designs and strict planning rules are deciding on the heights of what you can have. However, there are many , more rural gardens that suit a more classical garden space, don’t have to worry about being nearer than 2m from your neighbour and want that “wow” factor.

Lugarde’s Grand Lady is a real favourite of ours as it isn’t shy about what it is. The proportions are just right, well under the 4m maximum roof height, a floor area of over 10m2 , beautifully presented double-glazed windows and doors, cosy log walls of 44mm and options of roof colours, finials, additional windows/ styles and insulation upgrade options.

The Grand Lady makes a perfect showcase architectural statement, a wonderful home office or simply a place to chat, relax and entertain.

The dimensions of this octagonal space is 3.6m in diameter and 3.6m high. The example in the photo shows a red shingled roof and is finished in a pale yellow. The striking building is a rather palatable £6180 (including timber floor, shingled roof, 2 x double windows and a double door, VAT & Delivery), costing half of other similar looking UK products.

The Lugarde Grand Lady summer house is a magnificent building that suits the bigger garden

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Garden Space Of The Week – Lugarde’s Gage gazebo is a handsome space to relax

Adding a strong architectural feature to your garden is a wonderful and cost effective way to add eye candy and introduction of colour to complement soft landscaping.

Many British gardens lack an architectural element that draws the eye. Lugarde’s Gage gazebo not only provides visual impact of the skyline through its pyramid roof, finished in attractive, coloured shingles, it also incorporates a rear wall that provides privacy and a wind break whilst allowing you to dress the space with interior design cues. Creating a covered area extends the use of a garden, offering shade from the sun and cover from rain whist entertaining, relaxing and eating. The Gage is a useful size too, with dimensions of 10′ x 12′ (3m x 3.6m) allowing for the largest tables and chair sets.

And as our example shows, painted in colour such as the very current dark grey (Little Green Paint Company’s Scree), it makes a visual feast that belies its rather modest price of £2499 inc VAT & delivery.

The Lugarde Gage gazebo has a clean and classic look as an alfresco dining space for BBQ cooking, a table and chairs or a hot tub.