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Customer Stories – A Beautiful Home Office Hidden In The Trees

I wanted a log cabin that would look great from the house and blend in with the mature trees at the bottom of my garden. I am a builder so I provided the concrete base and the company then built the cabin. i was very impressed with the speed and quality of construction. The design is perfect for my business and frees up my home from paperwork. Thank you for all of your effort”
Mr H, London

The client contacted us wanting a traditional styled building that would provide a loft space for storing boxes of paperwork and lots of windows so that he could look down onto his beautiful house.

The logs used are 70mm, with insulation in the roof and floor. The roof uses glass-reinforced bitumen shingles and is painted in Deluxe Weathershield Dark Oak. The cost of this building was £16,000 inc VAT and delivery. The concrete base was done by the client and we installed the building for an extra cost.

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