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Garden Space Of The Week – The Lugarde Arthur Is The Home Office You Need

Do you do “Garden offices/ a spare bedroom/ hobby rooms” is the first question that we hear regularly for our buildings. The next question is “What size do I need” and finally, “What specification do I need?”. The Lugarde Arthur answers all of those questions.

The Arthur is great size to have a full sized desk and a sofa bed (for working from), or a double bed and a sofa (for guests). The size is 3.5m wide (12′) by 3m deep (10′) and being a flat roof it doesn’t exceed the 2.5m permitted development height for most gardens (if the building is within 2m of your neighbour).

The standard specification is 44mm thick solid log walls and double glazed double doors and vented windows. Add insulation in the roof and floor and you have a serious extra room. Don’t like the window and door styles? No problem, we can change them. Want extra windows and doors, or want to reposition them? No problem we can custom design you your space. Want it bigger or smaller? No problem.

Our very own work office is the Arthur and we’ve added a log stove, a relaxing chair and a huge desk in ours. If you would like the Arthur then CLICK HERE to order one or CONTACT US to discuss your specific requirements.

The large office space allows us to use a full sized desk and many other items of furniture.
Our work office is the Lugarde Arthur that we’ve put a lovely wood burning stove for the winter