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Garden Space Of The Week – Want A Home Office But Have A Small Garden – No Problem!

Modern homes tend to have smaller gardens and subsequently we regularly hear clients saying “I’d love one of these cabins BUT I’ve a tiny garden.” Fret no more for we have a great home office for the tiny garden, the Gilbert by Lugarde.

The Gilbert is a thoughtful design for working from home, being 1.8m deep by 3.0m wide (6′ x 10′) and being only 2.5m high, meets the planning requirements for beings within 2m of your neighbours boundary; a main issue in small gardens.

It has a modern and clean look and sets the right tone forgetting in the right mood for working from home. 

The building comes with double-glazing as standard and incorporates a double door, great for ventilation and getting an office desk in and out. There are two additional, almost full length fixed windows with adjustable air greats for lots of light.

This building has proven very popular with a new example being installed in the next 3 weeks to a client who wants to free up some space within the home. They have a thin but long 1940’s garden and this sits ideally at the rear of the garden to provide a visual interest from the home. The 2.5m hight was also a decider as it was within 2m of his neighbour.

To review and order the Gilbert, click HERE.

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Want something slightly bigger? We have the Lugarde Arthur which we use for our very own display site office. Review it HERE.

The Lugarde Gilbert Summerhouse (PR2)
The Lugarde Gilbert Summerhouse is a contemporary and attractive addition to any garden.