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Order Your Log Cabin Now, Ready For Spring/ Summer

Hopefully, with the snow now behind us, it’s time to think about specifying your garden building and ordering it. Most of our wonderful designs take about 6 weeks to be built and delivered do that should take us into end of April, start of May. This is the perfect month to start enjoying your new building. Being solid log, the buildings provide a great level of thermal insulation, even our thinest log walls at 28mm, even before the summer. Put a lovely heater in the building and you’ve added 2-3 months of extra enjoyment in your garden, in any weather. 

Remember, from 44mm log thickness upwards, you can enjoy an all year round experience (add insulation and it makes things even better). Call us now to arrange a site visit, a fully comprehensive quotation or to discuss any ideas you have.

A log cabin can allow you to enjoy your garden all year round.