Our Warranty/ Refund/ Cancellation Policy

We are proud of the service and products that we offer, and so we want your experience to be a pleasurable one. 


Our Lugarde buildings are provided with a 5 year guarantee on manufacturing or construction faults. Damage caused by humans, animals or natural disasters does not fall under the warranty.

Claims made due to poorly laid bases not supplied under Cotswold Garden Spaces do not fall under the warranty.

Also claims made due to poor maintenance and/ or wrong maintenance materials (incorrect paint finishes, non-use of preservative at time of construction etc) are also not included under warranty.


All of our products and services are offered under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This means you have a right to reject the product within 30 days if they are not satisfactory, fit for purpose or not as described. Refunds cannot be given on additional works provided by third parties or not associated directly with the claim by ourselves (this includes bases, paint, insulation and other items that have been supplied or pre-ordered) Please notify us in writing, ideally with pictures stating clearly your reason for rejecting the product. Our contact details can be found on our CONTACT US page.


You have a 14 day cooling off period from time of order. Our products are all made to order and so your deposit will be forfeited if production and/ or work has commenced at our manufacturers factory. After this period full payments would be required.