Painting And Looking After Your Garden Space

We are so proud of our buildings at Cotswold Garden Spaces the we truly believe that they deserve the best protection and attractive finish. Depending on the look and feel that you are aiming for, you have a choice of the type of finish available to you. 

Exterior Finishes

Whether you are after a solid colour (opaque), a wood stain (translucent) or a combination of both, we recommend the following finishes. Get colour inspiration by looking at the beautiful photos taken by our customers in the store or visit and follow our Pintrest pin board for great ideas.

Opaque Colours

We use Little Green’s Intelligent Exterior Eggshell paint which is available in a truly massive range of colours, including National Trust and English Heritage shades for that truly classic look: 

Little Green intelligent Exterior Eggshell Paint
A high quality, water borne, extra durable and flexible opaque wood finish with a UV resistant film suitable for all exterior cladding and joinery. Little Greene Intelligent Exterior Eggshell offers maximum protection due to superior penetration, resisting cracking, flaking and peeling and can be applied onto new timber without the need for priming and onto previously painted surfaces. Easy to clean with excellent water resistance and excellent adhesion to aged oil borne finishes. Microporous film minimising blistering and fully resistant to fungal and algae growth.

We can order the paint for you and get it delivered directly to your address. 

Visit Little Green’s website for the colours HERE

Download the Little Green Intelligent Exterior Eggshell specification sheet HERE.