Home Offices

Home offices are fully spec’d insulated, warm garden rooms that are perfect to run your home business, have a separate study, hobby room or even a spare bedroom for occasional visitors.

These great solutions have a minimum specification of the following wonderful features;

  • Walls – Minimum of 44mm thick log walls (with many models upgradable to either a 68mm log or 44mm log + 30mm insulation & 19mm interior cladding).
  • Double-glazed windows and doors (244mm thick sealed units: 4mm glass +16mm argon filled gap + 4mm glass). The units have a 1.1 U-value rating.
  • Security – All of our doors are fitted with a 3 point security locking system and euro-lock.
  • Floor Insulation – all floors have 40mm high density foam boards between the floor joists and an air gap to stop water transfer. The floor boards are 19mm tongue and grove pine, supported by pressure treated beams.
  • Roof Insulation – all roof types are supplied with 40mm high performance, high density Kingspan foam boards. The boards have thermal conductivity as los was 0.027 W/m.K, computable with most green roofing systems, resistant to passage of water vapour, CE certified and FM approved. On our flat roofed buildings, we can also supply cladding for a false ceiling allowing rock wool type insulation to be fitted (ideal for recessed lights and hidden wiring.
  • Wall Insulation – this option gives you and internal wall system comprising of pressure-treated beams that are bracketed to the main wall log walls with a breathable membrane (allowing for the internal and external wall structure to move independently from each other), 30mm high quality insulation sheets between the battens, a waterproof membrane over the top and finished with wide, 19mm tongue and grove interior cladding. This can be fitted to both 44mm and 68mm log walls.
  • Full instructions/ fixings & hardware for DIY self-build (although we can build your office for you).
  • Flat Roofs – all flat roofs come with a single EPDM rubber roof system, roof drainage outlet and aluminium roof trims.
  • Shingled Roofs – you have a choice of 5 different coloured bitumen shingle tiles.
  • Optional Pre-painted – All Prima 3=1 system offices can be supplied with exterior walls pre-painted. Windows and doors can also be supplied pre-painted in matching or alternative colours to the walls.

You can also create your own designs too – just let us know your ideas. 

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Showing all 6 results