Shed Quarters or Home Office

If, like approximately 4.3 million other people in the UK you work from home, you will surely have experienced the psychological pitfalls of blending you personal life with your working life. Whether you use a room in your house specifically set aside to as your office or multipurpose a room for both recreation and work activities you can easily fall prey to the it can psychologically problem of  separating work from home life. The temptation to start the working day a little later or lingering over breakfast is a familiar scenario for many home workers. That’s not to say that everyone who works from home experiences this slight lack of motivation. A recent study revealed that many people who work from home feel that they are 30% more productive having ditched the prescriptive working hours, the daily commute and the less stressful working environment.

Benefits of a Garden Office

However, if you are lucky enough to have a garden and work from home there are major benefits to moving your office out of your house and into the garden, not least the creation of a dividing line separating home life from working life.

Imagine leaving home and commuting across your lawn to your desk in the morning – a journey of seconds for many. Then there’s the feeling of calm and peace to start your working day. You can pop home for lunch in a matter of seconds, and at the end of your working day you can leave behind all the working paraphernalia associated with your work routine!

Cotswold Garden Offices

At Cotswold Garden Spaces we have many garden buildings and rooms suitable for those working from home, all highly configurable to your own specific requirements and needs. Need more light? Most buildings can have extra windows (double glazed if required). Heat and power? Insulation, heating and extra power points are all configurable.

Things to consider when choosing a Garden Office building.

    • Insurance.
    • Building regulations (many of our buildings do not require planning or permissions).
    • Security – see our page on security.

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Showing all 2 results