Lugarde Features

We believe that Lugarde consistently make the very best summer house, verandas and log cabins in the business.

For more than 35 years Lugarde has designed and produced summer houses, log cabins, verandas, car ports, wooden garages, gazebos and holiday homes. We offer a huge variety of designs and sizes and can be completely flexible, designing to your own individual designs. We have a wide range of buildings displayed at our Cheltenham site.

High Quality

Lugarde offer a high quality product at a fair price. Our manufacturing facilities and in-house design and drawing department allows us to be completely flexible and offer outstanding quality to your own individual designs.


At Lugarde we offer both standard and bespoke designs. Our bespoke design service is very competitively priced. Further more, Lugarde offer various advantages such as double-glazing fitted as standard, roof shingles included and several other options such as free delivery (except for the islands) and easy assembly. Giving a quality of service is a high priority for us. we offer a 5 year warranty on Lugarde products.

Quality Wood

Lugarde uses first class pine wood which grows in the Northern countries where the climate is cold and trees grow slowly. Because of this, the growth rings are closer together which makes the wood more stable. All our wood is dried in special drying rooms to approximately 14-16% moisture content, as a result, wood shrinkage is reduced.


All of our wood suppliers are PEFC and FSC certified. It is our mission to have our products made recyclable. We keep rate wood and sawdust to a minimum. We also re-use waste wood and sawdust for other purposes.

Our Construction Systems

Lugarde offers three different construction systems.

  • The classic, rustic log cabin interlocked system with overlapping corner connections
  • Our Prima 3=1 system with stump corners
  • The newly developed Pro-system with modern and robust corner posts

The last two systems were developed in-house (the Prima-system is patented). You won’t find any screws or nails in our walls. This allows the natural movement of wood. Nevertheless, our log cabins, summerhouses and gazebos are extremely strong and stable.

Customer Benefits

Lugarde offers a huge list of additional extras like double glazing, 3-point lock, free roof shingles et cetera. Curious? Take a look at the complete list.

Customer Options

We are a champion in bespoke designs. This is due to our own factory and our unique range of options such as glass sliding walls, windows & doors, treatments, insulation etc. Curious?

Practical Tips

How to extend the life of your summerhouse? Take a look at our practical care instructions.

Roofs And Floors

Which kind of roof type do you prefer? Which floor possibilities are there? On this page you can read more about it.


Your summerhouse is more than just a storage place? With our insulation possibilities you can enjoy your summerhouse the whole year round.

Doors And Windows

Would you like to have a different type of window and/or door? Or a larger window? Take a look at our possibilities, like windows and doors with frosted glass.

Paint Treatments

You can chose to have your building pre-treated or your summerhouse factory painted or your log cabin pressure-treated? Take a look at all the factory treatments, options and colours.