Lugarde Panel System

Lugarde’s new Panel System offers great design elements in a quick and easy installation package. All panels are prefabricated in the factory and the panels are then fitted between posts for a contemporary-looking construction.




Traditional UK garden buildings have a reputation for leaking and failing. Lugarde’s roofs are designed to last for decades, giving you peace of mind and a wonderful dry space for you to enjoy for years.

Lugarde Flat Roofing System

All Panel System buildings use Lugarde’s flat roofing system. This incorporates a gently sloping roof hidden behind a flat facia giving a perfectly flat effect from all angles. The roof uses a single, thick sheet of EPDM rubber over the entire roof and fixed to the facia with aluminium trim to give a water tight finish. Water is drained using a down-pipe with rubber flange that is rubber-glued to the roof. A traditional down-pipe can then be fitted to take the water down to the ground or into a water butt.

Choice Of Wood Species

At Lugarde, we cannot stress it enough, we love wood. If you opt for a summer house, veranda, log cabin or garage, of course you want to be assured that the best quality wood has been used. We only use wood from northerly countries with a cold climate. Trees grow more slowly here, as a result of which the wood is given an even, strong structure.

A closeup of Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch

Furthermore, this wood species is characterised by a yellowish colour and relatively small knots. The lifespan of this wood can be further extended by treating it with a transparent stain or oil. This also prevents the previously mentioned greying to a large extent. Siberian Larch is not comparable to European Larch, as it has about double the lifespan!

Siberian, that must be cold, right? Indeed, Siberian Larch grows in very cold areas. The cold climate causes the trees to grow slowly. This makes the wood extremely durable and has strength that is comparable to oak. Siberian Larch can stay outside untreated for up to 20 years. This does depend on the location and weather conditions. Siberian Larch will become a bit greyish over time.

A closeup of Douglas fir cladding

Douglas Fir

This wood species is also very durable and originates from Western Europe. Untreated, Douglas wood can last approximately 10 to 15 years, again depending on location and weather conditions. The colour of this wood is light yellow-red to yellow-brown. If this type of wood is treated with a transparent oil or stain, the lifespan will also be extended here. This also ensures that there will be less greying.

Spruce Wood

Finally, with our panel system, it is possible to choose spruce. This wood species is characterised by a very light colour and it is a versatile softwood species. Lugarde’s spruce grows in the coldest areas, so the trees grow slowly and the wood is very strong and durable. Spruce must always be treated to protect it from the weather, and we offer various colour treatments for this.

Panel Choices

The panels within this range can be supplied in a range of different configurations depending on the use and look that’s right for you.

One-sided Wood Panel

These panels are available in sizes 150, 200 and 250 centimetres in a vertical, horizontal or gunwale variant, depending on the type of wood you choose. The inside of this panel is not covered.