If I Think I Need Planning Permission, What Do I Need To Do?

Any building that is to be used as a residential dwelling or a holiday let will require planning permission.

1. Contact Your Council Planning Department

Give your local planning office a call. Planning Offices are not all the same and some will give you helpful advice over the phone and others will direct you to filling in an initial planning form typically called “Do I Need Planning Permission”. This form will ask you certain details that will allow a planning offer review your request and confirm definitely whether planning permission is required. If you have ‘difficult’ neighbours then many of our customers will get that letter, even if they don’t need planning permission just so there are no surprise visits from the council.

If they outright say “You need planning” then a full planning form is required to be filled in. The best way to do this is online through the Planning Portal as you can see the progress and upload information on your plans. See below.

2. Create & Submit Plans

The Planning Portal makes submission quite straight forward and in many cases you will be able to do this yourself. We will be able to provide scale drawings for your building that you will need to submit with your application. You will also need to provide a scale map of where you propose to position the building. You may want professional help for this bit and so a Google search of local Planning experts will give you a list of local people to ask for help(typically ex-planning officers). Alternatively Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional planning advice to community groups and individuals who can’t afford to pay professional fees. Further information about eligibility and planning matters is available if you follow the link www.rtpi.org.uk/planningaid.

3. Order Your Building

Once you have your approval then we can order your building.

4. Enjoy It!

Our buildings are manufactured to the very best quality and are designed to last many decades of use.


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