Cotswold Garden Spaces

Home of beautiful garden buildings – including summerhouses, gazebos, garden offices and garages and more …

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All of our garden buildings can be delivered  nationwide and we have a wonderful display site just outside the wonderful Regency spa town of Cheltenham. It’s beautifully presented to allow you to see, feel and touch the buildings and you can purchase on-line wherever you are in the UK  We are proud to offer two of the best log cabin manufacturers available: Lugarde and our own brand CGS. You can’t do any better, guaranteed.

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With so many people working from home nowadays having a dedicated space in which you can work and separate home-life is essential. Why not make your office space a dedicated building in your garden? Our garden offices and garden studios can be made from 44mm thick logs to create a cosy, insulated work environment that is economical to heat and easy to maintain.

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The addition of a summerhouse to your garden space is a wonderful retreat from the sun or rain, a space to entertain or simply to relax or get inspired and contemplate. Additionally summerhouses add architecture and purpose to the biggest room in your home. Chose the style and roof type that suits you and customise your design to make it uniquely yours.

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The romantic thoughts of a log cabin in your home conjures many ideas. Whether it’s a vision of a traditional style chalet or a contemporary look, we can match your inspiration. Many of our clients chose a space to relax, create a guest bedroom, on office and even your own pub in the garden. Our log cabins allows for the maximum amount of design and customisation so if you can’t quite find what you are looking for then drop us a line. 

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Need a car port or garage that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and yet sturdy and functional for ease of use? We have a wide range of garage and car port options for you to chose from which can also be fully customised to suits your exact requirements? Two cars or more? No problem – we have it covered!

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Gazebos are a great way to enjoy your garden. They offer the great feelingof being in your garden but also give you the feel of a dedicated space where friends and family can relax and at the same time be protected from the blazing sun or the unexpected summer shower! We have Gazebos to suit all requirements and budgets – why not take a look at our fabulous range today!

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Our vast range and expertise provides many of structures suitable for commercial use. Workshops, offices, design studios, therapy rooms, retail spaces, ticket offices, site buildings, vehicle preparation bays and the list goes on. if you can’t find what you are looking for then we can most likely design one for you. It’s really that simple.

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